What mysteries await beneath the oceans surface?

Step inside your diving bell and venture into the deepest depths of the Bitter Maw Trench, encountering a vast array of dazzling ocean life and documenting your discoveries!

Press the central switch to engage the diving bell’s viewing lantern, providing high voltage florescent light to even the lowest depths of the ocean floor.


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What a WEIRD, kinda unsettling game. Played it as part of my video where I play every single game on the PC Cursed Demo Disc. Check it out if you get a chance! Timestamps included.

Very nice!

o co w tym chodzi

Hi!! I dont usually comment on games on itchio but this game is so wonderful!

I am quick to jump to any game related to the sea because its a special interest of mine, and i grew up diving the oceans around my city!! :]

This game was really spooky and i loved both the artstyle, the music, the story!! all of it was so wonderful and uncanny in its own way.

I dont know if you plan on making more ocean themed games in the future, but ill be sticking along to see what you make!! Keep up the incredible work!!!

Thank you so much, I'm really delighted that you enjoyed my game so much and it's wonderful to hear that you connected with atmosphere! :)

I had a brilliant time making this project and exploring the underwater settings, so yes more ocean themed games could definitely be on the cards for future releases! 


Of course! Playing trough it was a wonder and i look forward to any of your future projects!! :D


i dont get it


That’s alright, thanks for playing :)

love the game thank you 

Thank you so much! I’m really happy you enjoyed my game and thanks for making an awesome video on it! :)

I noticed the image is loop again there's no way to pass it ?

Hey, there are quite a few similar scenes in the game such as the empty ocean floor scenes so sometimes it can seem like things aren’t progressing, keep exploring and you should find new interactions though :)

The game itself is an ambient nonlinear experience where you turn your diving bell’s light system on and off to explore the depths, the programming aspect uses a scene randomiser which picks from the 68 instances so despite being a rarity there are sometimes occasions where the same scene will pop up back to back.

Thanks for playing :)


Awesome video! ✌️😁