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Welcome to Apple Sauce Apartments, a spacious low cost living complex situated in the most desirable of rural locations!

Become part of the lively community, bask in the joys of a truly unique shared accommodation.

Experience true convenience, a space to unwind your body and mind.

Place your faith us and ponder your humanity through our fantastic offers.

Perks of this property:

Daily portions of fruit provided onsite.

Single glazing walls.

Shared toilet facilities.

Bills not included.

Complimentary 2% saving coupons for offsite laundry facilities.

Two year council tax backlog.

Random weekly inspections.

Microwave with two settings.

Self proclaimed 'friendly' landlord.

Lamp provided.

No driveway, walking encouraged.

Three months upfront deposit.

Apple Sauce Apartments, your new forever home!


ShallowLagoon - Artwork, Story and Development

Special thanks to Autumn Rain for creating the game's font Autumn Rain Font One.

Warning, contains flashing imagery!


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idc if it isnt subtle, i agree with my freaky apple friends and im in loooooove with the aesthetics in here!!!!


Open mic night at the poetry club: the game.

Too real 😂


Such gorgeous gameplay. Really compelling graphics and storyline. You gave us body horror, existential horror, and also the horrors of capitalism in one kafkaesque fever dream. I would have loved more endings, but this game has definitely cemented itself as one of my favorites ARGs. Looking forward to seeing what else comes from this creator. 

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I was pouring through my RPG library when I came across a video game of all things. It was a strange experience to open the folder expecting PDFs and JPEGs, but finding only strange file types, but then I notice a .EXE. I haven't manually clicked an .EXE since my youth of program theft and manipulation. I feel a bit like an archaeologist sorting through digital ruins of a bygone mind set. I attempt to run this program, and my computer protects me, claiming the file is dangerous, and that it could hurt me. My curiosity over powered me, and I forced my computer; It has no power to disobey me. However, the computer was right. Relearning the ancient navigation of the interface, I realised that all that exists here is an existential dread of infinite foreign worlds of horror and perpetuality, trying to teach me about my past and future while destroying my hope. I kill a foreign mind, permanent destruction which I fear, and then am emotionally forced to evacuate before I can 'collect' all that's been asked of me. I will hide the file deep in my database; perhaps the next generation of antiquarian will be able to reconcile this cursed code with their societal and emotional state.


this was a fantastic experience- I really enjoyed it and it inspired me to try and make my own interactive stories. I’d love to know what engine you used to make this, and any advice you’d have for someone looking to make some? Best of luck to your next projects I can’t wait to see them :]


holy fuck, i just played it how it told me too. this game is so fucked in the perfect way, i absolutely loved it


really loved this! It reminded me of sitting in my room in the 90s listening to weird music and reading in the inserts for CDs and tapes, like how they would have long rambling text all over them about society and philosophy etc. Really enjoyed it!

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its ok to be unsubtle. look at "Night in the woods", "cruelty squad" or "outerworlds" for good examples of being unsubtle and good by being so. but my god is this game preachy. my only complaint is to take it down a few notches. being blunt is fine, but this feels like a sermon on classical Marxism.



This game had a profound effect on me where after the first time i played I couldnt stop thinking about it and had to give it another run 4 days later. unfortunately got The bad ending both times and figured that was the only ending but i see that I was wrong. 

Never the less was a welcomed experience and definitely makes me think twice about Society and Eating apples 

Welcome to Applesauce Apartments where there was a more political message than I thought but, the imagery was hella cool.

I haven’t even finished the game, but I can already tell how amazing and creative it is. Great job! I look forward to more from y’all!

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!!

As an avid Visual Novels fan I thought this game was different, it had many subliminal messages but above all it was somewhat relatable. I enjoyed talking to the characters even thought some of them went on a bit too long. But the end goal was met. This game has a lot of big words hahaha some of it went over my head but I enjoyed it very much specially the ending I got 2 of those I don't know if there is more. I Loved the style of the game very trippy and I kept thinking this is nostalgic for some reason. If you're a fan of Visual Novels I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. It was a joyful ride with a sense of humor and many surprises.

If the point was for me to see the wrought effects of capitalist outreach, then this is not the way to do it in my opinion. Some of the dialogue is neat, but more so a feverish attempt to beat a point home. Subtlety isn't a requirement for a quality message nor is the message of this game something I disagree with. The problem lies when you hold my hand and, using dialogue, essentially say: "This is what you should think because this is how it is 100% of the time" because it's never not preachy. Also, why are these residents treating a simple rent collector like this is their fault? I did like the visuals and really liked the music, however, and that font? *Chef's kiss* magnifique. 

I agree, the visuals and music is really good in my opinion but it does come across preachy and try-hard


That’s fair, I made this game back when I was struggling with poverty and was living solely on a diet of budget tin soups, I think the harsh tone of this game largely comes from me trying to encapsulate that period of misery within the character’s dialogue.

I respect that and I'm sorry you went through that.

Maybe I and a lot of others were taking the scenario too literally when it was just a metaphor for a very real thing.

Really... it's a... peculiar experience. Interesting.

Haha thank you so much! Loved the video you made of the game :)


This was a wonderful visual experiment and concept, but ruthlessly wordy perhaps only done to extend the length of the gameplay.

Really dig the visuals, but i like to see something more interactive and exploritive of this world and concepts.



Additionally, the Music and sound design were unified with the visuals.

I think "show, dont tell" will heavily benefit a follow up to this.

alot of descriptions of the horrifying things happening to these apple people, but we could really use some visual storytelling to sell that more so than the actualy "this happend, and then this happened" Though- the choice of words and descripions were pretty cool, i found myself rappid left clicking through what seemed like miles of text.

Maybe this wouldn't be so noticable if there were more songs, and little additional things to to do, it has a point and click adventue vibe, so maybe some quests, and exploration of the apartment complex, and more of a taste of the world, the mold, and the inhabitants in this Rot.

terrfying, lovely, and lots of room for exploration to be found.


Thank you so much for all this useful feedback, it's really great to hear which elements were working in this project and which needed further work. The points you've made are great and will be incredibly helpful for structuring the foundation of my next experience, which I'm hoping will be far grander in scope and interaction :) 


That's mega dope that your listening out for that stuff too.

I love this universe, and i want to see alot more of it.

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed the experimental visuals and concept!

That's a great suggestion, I'm currently fleshing out the concept for my next game project and I'll definitely work on cutting down on the long winded dialogue in favour of further exploration / interactions.



Hello! I recently completed a review of your game for my Youtube series “The First 15”! I’ve placed a link to the video down below, please check it out and then...I dunno...take a nap or something.

Thank you so much for reviewing my game, I really enjoyed your video! The feedback you gave was super helpful and I'll definitely work on improving many of the suggested elements in future projects.

Also thanks for the shoutouts about my other projects and the four stars! Sorry for making your holiday Monday so depressing with my game dude haha, hope you got a great nap :)

It was a crazy miracle that I found this game. I was digging through pages and accidentally clicked on it and damn, I'm glad I did. I'll leave some feedback at the bottom of this post but for those more interested in watching than playing, here is my playthrough:


I have to say that the repetitive music and weird line breaks in the dialogue were a little disruptive but the rest of the game was great for me. Fixing the line breaks and adding varying tracks for each room should fix those issues. Some may find the dialogue a tad boring to read through, but adding a bit of character to the lines through some voice acting made this game a hell of a lot of fun for me. The subject matter may be quite serious for some people and I understand having fun with the voices could be interpreted as disrespectful but that is never my intention. I play games to have fun and the best way to play this game is to loosen up and enjoy it!

Thanks for making games!


Incredibly unique and artistic. It also really reflected a lot of the hardships and trouble are feeling right now in real life. It was just a very strange game with kind of retro almost game boy type design

. I thought it was really cool. Check out my video if you get a chance. Thanks

Thank you so much, I'm really happy you enjoyed my game! I'm glad to hear you connected with the experience, a lot of the characters and locations mirror elements of the numerous highly questionable living arrangements I've found myself in over the years and I've been wanting to express a slice of those experiences in game format for ages now :)

The art style in this project was a really new direction for me so it's brilliant to hear that you liked it.

Thank you so much for playing this in your let's play, I totally loved the video! :)


The visuals on this are amazing! I've never seen anything like it!

Thank you so much, I'm so happy to hear that!

The style is essentially an accumulation of all the different art types I enjoy, it was great fun to create and saw me running around my tiny apartment finding all the unusual objects I could photograph and edit into bizarre constructs :)

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel.

I was really interested in playing the game due to the graphics and artwork and I would like to say that the idea and concept of the game is really good. I also loved the art style of the game. However, I felt that the dialogue was way too long for me and I felt a little bored while reading numerous lines. I felt that the lines could be either made shorter or broken up into different parts where players can make more decisions in between. Or, you can also consider having voiced lines as well. Also, I don't know if there are supposed to be multiple endings to the game but it would be cool if more images were drawn to accommodate to the endings. Lastly, it would be good if a variety of background music was used as it felt kinda repetitive throughout the game.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

Hey DragonExplosion, thank you so much for playing my game, for creating your wonderful video and leaving so much fantastic feedback!

That's brilliant to hear, I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the artwork and concept of the game; the style is completely different from my usual work so I'm really glad to hear that it was appealing to you.

That's a good point, I'll try and break up my future games with more interactions and dialogue that's a little less long winded.

Ooh voiced lines could definitely be an interesting element to experiment with in my projects, thanks for the suggestion!

I completely with you there, there were a couple of extra endings I'd considered which were cut during production because of implementation difficulties and to prevent scope creep but I definitely do think those could've added to the overall experience. Extra endings are definitely going to be a higher priority in future projects :)

That's a really good idea, I think a separate tune for each apartment would've really added to the overall feel of the game.

Thanks for the great feedback! :)