Times are rough...

Contemplate life whilst fishing for junk in an oceanic dead zone...

Controls: Mouse

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PlatformsmacOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(10 total ratings)
AuthorShallow Lagoon
Made withTyranoBuilder
TagsAtmospheric, Coming Of Age, Cute, Fishing, Mystery, one-button, Short, Slice Of Life, underwater, Voxel


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Hope youre going well man. just finished this and your Apple apartment game, both have such a cool visual style. Favourite trash was the bird tech :)


As minimalistic as you can be in terms of interactions, the whole aesthetic of it is great, the concept is great, a lil bit sad to don't have a little bit more interaction to play with, but still, a cool lil moment. Nice job.


Great game! love the aesthetic, and I had fun catching (pun intended) some of the references to your other games. Also FYI 20s are absolute trash. 30s are great. I'm turning 40 soon and, while it does suck to get older now, my 40s are gonna be great too. You just get a better sense of life and your priorities, in your 20s (at least most people) are still just in chaos all the time.


Very disappointing. Clicked on this expecting a game, it is a glorified comic. Nice poetry and deep thoughts, beautiful visual style and great concept, which just makes it all the more disappointing that all I can do is click through. If there was some sort of actual fishing mechanic, this game would be fine. But it is not a game. It is a comic. I wouldn't even call it a visual novel, those at least allow you to make some sort of input in the game. All I can do is click and read. Which might be great for you if that's your thing.


ignore that guy!!! i like this, this is a very unique use of such a simple vn engine. Ive never rly seen it be used like this before and the visuals make it even better. this guy doesn't understand that games can just be "glorified comics", thats literally what visual and sound novels are.

What I disliked about it is that there is no ending. Objects simply repeat. I thought there'd be an ending.

Times are rough indeed, my friend.

Thank you for the game, the starting monologue especially has touched some familiar cords in me. Loved the junk.


Thanks for the lovely review! Glad you enjoyed the junk fishing! :)