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3ternity, your digitally enhanced forever after.

"Live" out your cybernetic afterlife in bliss, with our company you can enjoy endless comfort within the handcrafted existence experience of our deluxe eternity.

Take solace in knowing your relatives are in safe hands with our multinational corporation, our motto as always is the customer is of the highest importance. True to our statement, we have allocated a whopping 4GB of Ram per individual! Twice the amount of any other company in the market and the optimal quantity for a fruitful, joyous and excitement filled infinity.

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Warning: This game may trigger epilepsy




The relaxing ambient noise of 3ternity has been lovingly crafted by our resident composer 'Shurk', specialising in soundscapes of the afterlife for more than 30 years.

--------     --------     --------     --------

The vibrant landscapes of our afterlife have been sculpted by hand and digitally rendered with the very best technology money can provide. Crafted with the highest precision over the course of 15 years by a team of 91 artists and engineers headed by our creative director 'Joseph Dunkerley'.


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This is absolutely chilling I love it and I will proceed to have a crisis

Hey there, OneFourtySevenAM here, and I just played your game for a video series I have called "Indie Picks". If you're at all interested in seeing what I thought of your game, feel free to watch the video below.

That's really awesome of you! Thank you so much for including my game in your video :)


God, I think about this game all the time... I watched ABG play it almost a year ago and every few months I have to look back on it just to remember how much and why it terrifies me. 

Huge thumbs up, you painted an image of one of my bleakest nightmares. This is so dystopian and existential. I absolutely love how you made humanity the harbinger of its own Hell, it's exactly what would happen isn't it? 

This game's brilliant, I can't even put into words all the things it makes me feel and all the things it makes me think about. Great food for thought :) I wish you well

Is the track that plays in-game available anywhere?  The music track is perfectly haunting, and i'd love to listen to it outside of gameplay.  I came here after seeing Vinny from Vinesauce streaming it!


Yeah the track is 'Stage Fright' by the super talented musician Shurk, it's part of their recent high intensity ambient album 'Per Form'. Thanks for letting me know about Vinny from Vinesauce streaming 3ternity, I had no idea that had happened prior to your comment, that's mega exciting!!


This game is perfect to induce anxiety and existentialism. Please don't play if you're having a rough time or can get affected easily by this. 

The music perfectly fits the story, and evoked forgotten images of some nightmares. It's a game I won't play again, but not because it's bad


Thanks for this wonderful review! During the creation of 3ternity anxiety and existentialism induced by my poverty at the time were major factors in the making of this digital helltopia; I'm fascinated that the experience is able to induce such emotions in others.

I absolutely agree with avoiding the experience if you're having a dark / low time as the bleak, cripplingly existential nature of the writing could further any such emotions.

I'm glad you enjoyed the music, the track used throughout 3ternity is 'Stage Fright' by Shurk from their recent album 'Per Form'. Their music is brilliantly dark, atmospheric and conjures a dramatic cinematic tone.

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Every time this idea is used it just gets better and better. Sadly, or happily, copying your brain into ones and zeroes and running it off of a battery doesn't just magically transport your sentience and conciousness to a computer, so none of this will ever be possible. You'd just have an extremely accurate A.I. of someone deceased.

interesting story, if you wanted you could've put some landscapes in the background that shows the current world and after time, it dies out with quality as your conciousness is going. 

Thank you, I'm glad you found the experience interesting! That's a good suggestion, a glimpse of the outer desolation of the world and universe at large would've been fantastic!

No worries

This is definitely on the weird side. But it is thought provoking for sure. Nice little experience here.

here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you so much for making a Let's Play video of my game! I really enjoyed watching your reactions to the game. The segment at the end where you were analysing the whole experience and conceptual terror was brilliant! I'd probably choose traditional death over this corporate nightmare purgatory too :)